The mission

No Fear was founded in June 2017 in Malaysia, the company is focus on creating, organizing and producing large-scale activities such as professional concerts and various types of sports events. The company is also working closely with Korean producers and act as film distributer for movies, drama series and other tv show or programs.

The mission of No Fear Sdn Bhd is to be one of the world leading organizer and producer of healthy multi racial international class entertainment and sport events.

The company is a subsidiary of a social corporation that concentrate on supporting mainly on children, elderly, and environmental issue.

Core Value Of The Company:

Entertainment - Healthy content (No Drugs/Alcohol/Sexual)
Music - Music gene that inspire other in their life
Innovation - Creativity in cultural harmony
Art - Beautify the experience
Inherited - Social value balance with self sustainable program

2018 Goal of the company: To be able to help 400,000 orphan kids in Malaysia

The club was founded in December 1986 following a meeting in an Andover pub between two local enthusiasts, Dave Scott & Andy Mountain. The following month, an informal training session was held with a number of local players.


President (Leader)

Andy Yan

Vice-President (Government Liaison)

Ahmand Rizal Bin Umar

Business Development Director (Business Growth)

Ong Sze Hwa

Chief Operation Officer (Business Operation)

Ng Wai Hoe

Director of Overseas Business Div. (Business Resource Integration)

Leiven Tsai

Executive of Overseas Business Div. (Business Strategic Development)

Leo Li

Project Promotion and Creative Director (Integrated marketing campaign planning)

Yuling Ting

Emperor Entertainment Group Limited of Account Manager (Business Cooperation)